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Viatek Solutions

ViaTeK Solutions provides industries of every size, category and location with the most effective and efficient way to destroy or recycle their outdated business equipment.

We remove, recycle, destroy and/or remarket any and all surplus IT-related business equipment that is outdated or inoperable. We utilize the latest technology and most environmentally sound and responsible practices in strict accordance with local, state and federal regulations. Components of value can be sold for re-use or recovery of raw materials. Certificates of Re-Use/Recycle are issued for each shipment processed. We are experienced handlers of items that present particular environmental concerns, including batteries, soldered circuit boards, cathode ray tubes (CRTs) and mercury wetted switches.  

ViaTeK Solutions provides free recycling of selected consumer electronics products through national manufacturer-sponsored take back programs that we are proud to be associated with. Learn more.

ViaTeK Solutions is fully insured and permitted, and is committed to the highest level of customer service and satisfaction. Learn more.

View our stream of live shredding activity.